Important A|SM Documents

You will be able to access important documents as needed here on a regular basis!

  • a|sm is In Person

    Now that we are meeting in person please make note of these changes:

    1. We are meeting from 6-8pm

    *please see schedule

    2. No masks required

    3. Emails: Be sure to fill out the new student information form to receive emails

    4. Group Messaging (REMIND): Be sure to use the following link to sign up for the correct group: STUDENT , AFTERSHOCK ADULT/PARENT , ADULT LEADER

    5.. Mailings: Letters and postcards are being mailed out regularly.

    6. Medical Forms can be filled out and turned in to be kept on file for 1 year. 

  • Mission Trip -2022

    This year we will be going to Pittsburgh, PA from June 26-July 1, 2022. 

    Group Missions Website

    Mission Trip Medical Release

    Background Check Form*

    *18+ must fill out the background check form

    Meeting Documents:

    Packing and Departure Information

    2022 Camp Information

    Transportation Information

  • 2022 Amplify Summer Camp

    You have so many voices and influences thrown at you- the world can be such a negative, overwhelming place.  At camp, you will encounter positive voices from friends, counselors and leaders, and by God himself. By removing the distractions and chaos for a time, it helps to really focus in and hear the voice of God. Camp is a place that Jesus is found – for the first time, or when you know you have lost your way and need a renewed passion for living for Him- and where we first receive a call on our lives to follow His plan. Wherever you are, God’s voice is calling you  – you were made to amplify Him to all the earth – and learning to AMPLIFY the voice of God in your own life, above all others, will be life-changing! You were MADE TO AMPLIFY!

    Cost is $249 by April 30, then $299

    A|SM will cover $200 if attending mission trip and $100 if NOT attending

    Registration Page

  • Youth Group Calendar

    You can access the A|SM calendar here:

    Feb 2022 - May 2022

    Medical Form (YEARLY)

  • Yard SALE FUndraiser!


    Drop Off Times:

    Sunday, March 20th: 10:30am or 5:30-6pm

    Sunday, March 27th: 10:30am

    Sunday, April 3rd: 10:30am or 5:30-6pm

    Sunday, April 10th: 10:30am or 5:30-6pm

    Wed, April 20th: 6-8pm

    Thur, April 21st: 6-8pm

    Fri, April 22nd: 6-8pm

  • Chesapeake Chrysalis

    Have you been asked to attend a Chrysalis weekend? Info can be found here:

    More information:

    Application: CLICK HERE FOR FORM (do not fill out page 2)

  • Winter Retreat - Coming 2023